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Why Custom Fog Designs?

Custom Fog Designs specializes in the manufacture, design, installation and maintenance of high pressure misting systems to provide reliable climate control solutions for effective business operations and personal luxury. It is our greatest endeavor to accomplish an efficient enterprise through the highest level of integrity. Our customers are receiving a superior all-around misting system when choosing CFD.

Design Matters.

The design of the fog or misting system is fundamental in operating a reliable and effective fog or misting system.  Custom Fog Designs takes great pride in offering worry-free systems that are reliable.  In the design phase we consider all variables specific to your custom home or company. CFD provides tailor-made systems for your specific needs.

Reliability Matters.

Custom Fog Designs provides equipment that has proven itself.  Not all pumps operate to the duty requirements of a commercial, industrial or agricultural applications.  Our fog systems are custom designed to each clients exact specifications in regards to filtration, controls, automation, climate sensors, protection, smart home integration, and quality of materials used.

Installation Matters.

Custom Fog Designs is a CA licensed contractor.  CFD allows for nothing less than greatness in regards to the integrity of the installation.  In the installation phase, most operations will continue with little to no interruption.  Whether we are installing fog in a milk barn, custom home, restaurant, or large industrial facility, CFD will get the job done fast, done efficiently, and done right.

Experience Matters.

Custom Fog Designs is California’s fog system expert.  They have years of all-around system experience.  In contrast to companies that only manufacture, CFD’s ‘hands on’ experience in designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing fog systems have positioned Custom Fog Designs as the fog & mist system expert you can trust.

The Local Benefit

It benefits local customers to work with Custom Fog Designs. Having an onsite expert throughout the consultation, design, installation and maintenance of the fog or misting system ensures everything gets done smoothly, gets done timely and gets done right.  CFD communicates closely with the customer, project managers and other contractors to ensure a superior finished product.  Having an intimate knowledge of the local climate, water conditions and other on site variables will save time and money.  Local customers also benefit from CFD’s established maintenance and service programs.

Serving the greater Fresno, Visalia, Hanford, and Bakersfield areas with professionally installed misting and fog systems.

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How We Work For You

  • Contact Custom Fog Designs to schedule a FREE onsite consultation
  • A CFD fog system specialist will meet with you to discuss your options
  • You will receive a custom system design and proposal
  • Your CFD specialist will fulfill your order and ensure you are satisfied with the completed project.

The Significance of the Penguin

A penguin. Cool, clean, intuitive, and strong. Cool in their habitat. Clean in the contrasting colors and lines that imply a greater design. Intuitive in their reproduction and strong in their sustained ability to survive. The penguin symbolizes some of Custom Fog Designs fundamental traits.

Cooling is our primary application. Clean describes the product of our installations. Intuition is the element of design that is unmeasurable yet undeniable in its finished product. Strong is in our equipment and company structure that promises longevity and consistency. A penguin… This is Custom Fog Designs logo.

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