Dust Suppression

Waste Transfer, Sorting Lines, Product Mixing, Paper Processing, and more

Fog systems are used to suppress fine dust particulates in many industries.  Here at Custom Fog Designs we have installed systems for waste transfer facilities, product manufacture and mixing factories as well as paper processing facilities, to name a few.  A professionally designed fog system helps with dust from heavy equipment traffic, dust from mixing machines and processing machines.  An overhead grid fog-design will suppress the dust from above.  Add a fog line to the doorway opening to contain the dust as well. We will work with you to help promote healthy air quality and resolve dust containment issues.

How it works: Custom Fog Designs uses pressure boosting pumps operating at 1000 PSI.  The high pressure combined with our precision engineered misting nozzles produces super fine water droplets.  The super fine water droplets will attach themselves to dust particulates, knocking them to the ground immediately and with minimal to no wetting.  The balance of an effective fog system is determined by fog manifold positioning, the size of the nozzles and the distance between the nozzles.  Each system is taylor designed to each specific facility and unique on-site influences.  In the design phase we consider all influences.

The design of the misting system is critical, in that, a proper design considers the unique dust requirements and the influences of each facilities operations.  For example: Heavy equipment traffic, employees, doorway position and air displacement, etc.  When designing an effective fog or misting system we consider all influences and create a system that will, in a way, dance with each specific environment to the customers desired air quality goals.  Here at Custom Fog Designs, we know fog and we know dust suppression.  We will design a system that maximizes dust control, promotes health, and increases profit.

dust suppression
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