Innovative.  Integrated. Transformation. Oasis. These are the words that rise to the surface.  Custom Fog Designs transforms spaces with a creative and effective approach to climate control.

In the initial consultation we draw out the core desires of our customer’s vision for their home.  Every customer has a unique personality and the fog system can be set up to operate in alignment with each customer’s lifestyle.  We design systems that range from an on/off stainless steel fog line to cool off the patio to systems that are remote operated, fully integrated, professionally installed and multiple zones that offer cooling throughout your property as well as special effects throughout the landscape and water features, all at the touch of a button.

The Property comes to life with the subtle movement of the fog and the refreshing coolness as the breeze stirs it about you.  It is stimulating to the eyes as the fog rolls across the swimming pool or seeps out of the landscape.  It tantalizes the skin with a clean, cool sensation.  This is the luxurious refreshment of a fog system by Custom Fog Designs.

  • Patio Cooling
  • Gazebo Cooling
  • Outdoor Kitchen Cooling
  • Integrated Fog Cooling
  • Deck Cooling
  • Special Effects
  • Landscape Fog
  • Pool Fog
  • Fog Fans
  • Shop Cooling
residential applications
backyard cooling
residential applications

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