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Reduce the ambient temperature up to 30 degrees

Fog and misting systems are an effective method of cooling for a variety of applications including home and commercial patio’s, outdoor kitchens, dairy, equine, poultry, employee, sorting lines, greenhouses, warehouses and more.  A properly designed fog system will reduce the temperature up to 30 degrees.  Increase productivity, health and comfort with a high pressure misting system by Custom Fog Designs.

How it works: Custom Fog Designs uses pressure boosting pumps operating at 1000 PSI.  The high pressure combined with our precision engineered misting nozzles produces super fine water droplets.  These droplets are so small that when introduced into the atmosphere they flash evaporate.  Through this evaporation process cooling happens thus reducing the ambient temperature.  There are four major influences on the effectiveness of a misting system.  The temperature and humidity levels both influence the evaporation process.  The third influence on the misting or fog system is the air displacement rate.  And then the fourth, which is very important, is the design of the misting system.

The design of the misting system is critical, in that, a proper design considers the other three major influences: temperature, humidity and air displacement.  When designing an effective fog or misting system we consider all influences and create a system that will, in a way,  dance with each specific environment to the customers desired cooling goals.  Here at Custom Fog Designs, we know fog and we know cooling.  We will design a system that maximizes your comfort, promotes productivity, and increases profit.

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