Dear Central California,

Imagine a hot day here in the agricultural parts of California. You are in town, running errands and driving around. The air conditioning in the car isn’t working, or if you’re like me you just like to drive with the windows down. It’s hot! You are feeling every bit of the 100+ degrees. Now you are headed out of town and drive by a field being irrigated. What happens? You feel a cool relief driving by that blessed field! The cool breeze feels awesome compared to a few minutes earlier when you were driving in town. The temperature is cooler. It is a reduced temperature. Why is that? The temperature is reduced from water evaporating into the air. When the farmers irrigate, it spreads the water out over acres of land and some of that water evaporates into the air, thus reducing the temperature.

The key to reducing the outdoor temperature is water evaporating into the air around you. A CFD fog system does just that. With a high pressure pump and specially engineered nozzles, we can break the water up into extremely small droplets. Why not just hook up a mister line to my hose? Remember, the key to reduced temperature is water evaporating into the air. Here’s an experiment. Take a glass of water and set it on the ground outside. Now measure out the same amount of water and pour it evenly into 100 glasses so that there are only a few drops in each glass. Which will evaporate faster? The full glass of water or the water spread out into 100 glasses? The water in the 100 glasses will evaporate in minutes while the full glass may take weeks to evaporate. A standard misting system that hooks up to your hose is like the single glass of water. A CFD fog system is like spreading it out into 100 or more glasses. Our systems break the water down into droplets so small they flash evaporate even before they hit the ground. Our fog systems work, they really do.

In addition to a glorious cooling effect, things don’t get all soaking wet. You can have napkins on your table or your cows will bed down longer. A couple other perks to a CFD fog system are, flying insects don’t like the fog. I’ve installed systems exclusively to keep the flys away. The fog also absorbs dust and particulates in the air. We all know how dusty it can get here in the valley. With the fog system on, it’s like breathing in the air the morning after a good rain. A CFD fog system is just cool in so many ways!

With a professionally designed CFD fog system we can reduce the ambient temperature of your patio, dairy, horse barn, greenhouse, warehouse, shop or playground by up to 30 degrees! Our customers are reporting an average temperature reduction of 15 – 20 degrees here in Central California. Whether you want to pamper yourself and friends a bit with some extra cooling or increase production and profit with your livestock or employees, Custom Fog Designs can help. Give me a call or shoot me an email and we can talk more about how our systems may benefit you. If you are local here in Central California we can come out and give you a demonstration so that you can experience the power of fog for yourself. Thanks for reading.

Allyn A. Cooke
Owner, Custom Fog Designs

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